Friday, 16 March 2012

Tater Tot Casserole

Tater tots make me think about when I was a kid and my childhood. My sister and I didn't have tater tots, but we used to always have these round hashbrowns that were very similar.  We didn't know their actual names so we used to call the "Little French Fry Things".

We were very sophisticated, even as children.

My parents used to make us a meal called "A plate of things", which was literally just a plate with a ton of different foods on it. It was our absolute favorite meal, and we would actually ASK for "a plate of things" to have for lunch or dinner. Little french fry things often made appearances on "a plate of things", so when I saw this recipe for Tater Tot Casserole, it immediately made me reminisce about childhood.

Plus it looked yummy so I decided it would be a great recipe to experiment with!

This is relatively easy and very quick to throw together, but definitely not for the health nuts out there. Sometimes easy overpowers healthy, and it's nice to be able to whip something up really quickly.

There are no complicated ingredients, no crazy or difficult steps involved, and it makes lots!

Tater Tot Casserole
Bake time: 40mins         Yields 6-8 servings
1 bag tater tots, thawed
1/2 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup milk
2 Tbsps Ranch dressing
1 Tbsp chives
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp parsley
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
1/2 cup onions, fried

1) Preheat oven to 350 F
2) Place thawed tater tots in a greased casserole dish.
3) In a separate bowl, mix together cream of mushroom soup, milk, ranch dressing, chives, pepper, and parsley. Pour over top of tater tots.
4) Top with fried onions and shredded cheddar cheese. Bake for 40 mins, serve warm.

(Recipe adapted from The Domestic Mama & The Village Cook)

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